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   The Big Idea


DiversityJobs.co.uk connects people to employers who place high importance on a mixed staff population.

This site is not about targeting one particular group of people it is about creating work places that are rich in skills sets from a wide variety of people. Studies show that businesses with a diverse staff base out perform their counterparts in productivity and profit.

Look at the facts

  • 40% of LGBT staff do not feel comfortable coming out at work
  • 9.1 million people in the UK are from ethnic backgrounds
  • By 2021 20% of the population will be of ethnic origin.
  • The UK has a skilled and ageing demographic
  • 1 in 5 job seekers has a disability

So, whether you identify with any of the facts or relate to them personally, ask yourself this “Would I rather work for a business that only offers a one size fits all approach that does not value a work place that reflects the real UK demographic, or one that places importance on looking after people?

More employers are going to greater efforts to be inclusive by offering benefits such as flexible working, childcare vouchers, prayer or belief room, workplace adjustments, GLBT networks, female networking groups an array of other interesting options to ensure their staff feel valued.

They want to you to consider them as an employer of choice to feel engaged and comfortable just being you.

The UK is the most diverse country on the planet with over 300 languages spoken daily, employers want to tap into your talent and widen their professional knowledge base.

The branded employers you see on this site are open to all applicants, their selection process is not based on your age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability, social status or religious beliefs, the main criteria sought is that you have the skill-sets and bring the right work ethic to perform the job advertised.

For comments or suggestions about how we can make DiversityJobs.co.uk better for you visit our contact us section.

Happy Job Hunting.
Morgan Lobb | Managing Director

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