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  • How do I complete a job search?Use the search tool bar located at the top of either the main page or if you click through to any of the listed jobs its located at the top.

    When searching try changing the key words you’re using, but keep them inline to the desired industry.
  • If I have found a job and I want to revisit it later, how do I save it?
    First, make sure you’re signed in, then once you’ve found a suitable job vacancy that you wish to revisit simply scroll to the bottom of the job post and click on ‘Save’.

    Then when you want to retrieve this job all you need to do is sign in again and go to your dashboard and find your job in ‘Saved Searches’.
    But remember not to leave it too long to apply; these jobs are only available for a limited time.
  • I want additional information about a job posting or employer
    Diversity Jobs is a career site not a recruitment agency. You can contact the organisation directly about a job. We do also supply additional information about the organisation and their ethos; all you need to do is click on any of the logos.
  • Information about the deadline for jobs
    Please be aware that some organisations close their applications early. If you experience this problem please get in touch with the details so that we can remove the posting.
  • I am having a problem with a job that is advertised
Account / CV /Applications :
  • Why can’t I sign in?
    If you have multiple email addresses make sure your using the right one.

    Try using the ‘forgot password’ button to receive a password recovery email, but remember to reset your password to something memorable.
  • How do I submit my CV and apply for jobs? To upload a CV you will need to either ‘sign up’ or if you’re an existing member ‘sign in’.

    Then in the members lounge you will find the ‘CV Management’ menu where it enables you to ‘Add’ and ‘Manage’ your CV’s.
  • CV guidelines for uploading
    Before submitting a CV or a cover letter make sure that the format is one of the following:

    If your uploading an image please make sure its’ in one of these formats:
  • Altering a CV once it’s uploaded, e.g. Contact information
    Sign in then in the members lounge you will find the ‘CV Management’ menu where it enables you to ‘Add’ and ‘Manage’ your CV’s.
  • I would like help uploading my CV as I am having difficulty
    If you have tried out other FAQ’s that are related to this problem please call the office for additional support on:

    0203 740 5973
    Text Phone 18001
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    Please fill in the required information below and we will delete your account for you.
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    We wish to make a better place for our users and know we will only achieve that by overcoming issues and finding solutions.

    Please tell us what the problem is below as we may be able to help or make a difference.
  • Help us improve is not a business without you, so we are always pleased to hear feedback.

    Though we love having our backs patted at we know that is not always the case for everyone and sometimes the smallest of adjustments can help our users have a better experience.
Require assistance reading information :
  • How do I use Speak This Page
    Speak this page is allocated on all pages at the top right hand side of each page, just click on the ‘Speak this page’ button and the tool bar will appear at the bottom of your screen
  • I am disabled and need assistance reading information
    If you have already tried using the ‘Speak this page’ technology and are still having difficulty call the office on:

    0203 740 5973
    Text Phone 18001
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The Big Idea

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