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    the best talent
  • The value
    of brand image
  • Employer branding involves developing and marketing HR policies that deliver the benefits today’s ambitious graduates look for in an employer, including internal mobility policies of driving and overseeing change, and employee-friendly cultures that promote diversity, equal opportunities and respect.

    Responsible and ethical employers recognise the importance of nurturing the potential of their employees. And just – as consumers – we choose to buy from and identify with brands that uphold values we believe in, graduates will choose to work for employers with an inclusive culture that actively demonstrate the brand attributes they value.

    By developing a long term branding strategy, you can manage the perceptions of both existing and potential employees, demonstrating your commitment to upholding your vision of what makes you a responsible and attractive employer – and more easily attract and retain the best talent.

  • In a competitive economic environment, recruiting and retaining the best candidates is more important than ever. And many of the UK’s largest companies recognise that graduates’ application decisions are partly based on their perception of brand image. Already they are investing considerable resources in – and reaping the benefits of – carefully planned employer branding campaigns. In an effort to appeal to the best graduates, they are increasingly engaging in corporate social responsibility activities, and raising their brand profile by sponsoring campus activities.

    Not only does employer branding help to directly appeal to potential candidates, but it generates vital word of mouth appeal – shown to be an important factor in graduates’ decisions when applying for positions and accepting job offers. And it makes sense. Inexperienced in job-hunting, often graduates only have the word of mouth reputation and communicated brand attributes of employers to base their decisions on.

    So if you want to attract and keep the very best graduates, it may be wise to consider not just where you’re advertising your career opportunities, but how effectively you’re promoting your employer brand.

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As well as learning more about you, we want to help you get to know our employers. Find out what they do to encourage diversity and inclusion in their organisations – and why they’re such great companies to work for.


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