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   The Big Idea


While your organisation may offer a long term job opportunity for staff coming on-board it might not be the first choice for many individuals who have preconceived ideas about your brand. Our role is to promote you as an employer of choice and showcase your inclusive workplace culture.

Many organisations recognise the need for a diverse staff base and are understanding of the commercial benefits a mixed workforce brings but struggle to attract new talent. is not a traditional job board in the way we take ourselves to market, our focus is on a client by client basis targeting application activity on the client need for Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Accessibility

Brands failing to address internal diversity by not laying down a solid foundation risk creating a workforce culture alienated from society, the knock on effect will be that you are missing valuable talent and the richness a multicultural/diverse staff base will bring.


SEO activity based on diversity keywords

Multilingual site; both text and speech, our site SPEAKS!

Highest levels of accessibility

Banner activity on user trusted sites (Disability dating sites, Asian female fashion/lifestyle, Gay news etc.)

Partnering/relationships with trusted industry recognised groups such as the Business Disability Forum, ENEI, Clear Co, Race for Opportunity
Job distribution to other job boards (over 1500 sites are part of the network both main stream and niche)
Diversity and equality related employer branding (profile pages, job template messages and associated D&I messaging etc.)


Projects gain traction very quickly with some easy wins such as advertising jobs, profiling showcase and talking technology for your website.

So contact today and discover how we will help your business attract and retain a diverse talent pool.

Look at the facts

Ethnic growth graph
  • 9.1 million people from ethnic backgrounds in the UK, up from 3.4 million in 2001
  • By 2020 20% of the population will be of ethnic origin
  • 40% of LGBTQ staff feel uncomfortable coming out to their employer
  • UK ethnic groups have a spending power of GBP 300 billion per year.
  • There are over 80 million people with a disability across the EU
  • 75% of FTSE 100 companies have inaccessible career sites

Top sectors: IT & Internet (1360) | Banking, Insurance, Finance (1140) | Accountancy (965) | Customer services, Call centres (633) | Sales (633) | Engineering, Manufacturing, Utilities (593) | Construction (277) | Marketing, Advertising, PR (275) | Operational (261) | Project Management (261)

Top locations: London (1110) | South (194) | Midlands (191) | Essex (123) | Manchester (110) | South East (99) | Hertfordshire (96) | South West (85) | Middlesex (79) | Birmingham (71)

Diversity: Disability Positive (663) | Age Positive (418) | Gender Positive (363) | Ethnic Positive (16) | Trans Recruit (10)