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Alice Kiely

Alice worked in reception and the mail room. Belen Jones, one of her managers, said...

"Alice's attitude towards the job and the team members has been really professional and friendly which is perfect for this role!"

Ian Friel

Ian worked in Evans bike shop, reception and on the switchboard. His manager said...

"Ian's progress has been nothing but impressive from the very beginning of his training as he is a quick learner and very good with customers and colleagues... He has excellent customer service skills and he is a strong team player. If a position comes up in this area Ian will be the ideal candidate."

Nicholas Coughlan

Nicholas worked in the Street restaurant. Andrea Budisova, the restaurant manager, said...

"Having worked with Nick in the restaurant for some time now, I have to say it is an absolute pleasure to have him in the team. Nick is a great support in all areas... Looking after customers and delivering great service is always his priority. He is very professional and wants to do a good job every day!"

Deen Hallisey

Deen worked in the mail room, security and IT. The Security Team Leader said...

"Not only myself and Tony would like to say a few words regarding Deen, all the lads would, which in itself speaks volumes. Not only have Deen’s dreadlocks grown but so has his confidence. He has completed all tasks asked of him and completed a security questionnaire 100% right, of which I can honestly say a lot of my guys couldn't answer."

Forhad Miah-Tipo

Forhad worked in the mail room, Londis and housekeeping. One of his managers said...

"Forhad is quite a lively character and is keeping us all amused with his happy personality. He’s being very helpful with various duties and is really helping our team to clear the heavy workload and meet deadlines. He has a very good memory which is a great asset, especially with sorting mail and remembering customers' locations."

Jake Johnson

Jake worked in Londis, Homebase and Evans bike shop. Jignesh of Londis said...

"We are very happy with Jake's work. He does all his tasks independently now and will ask for help when if he needs it. It is a great help having him here."

The Minister for Disabled People, Esther McVey, met students at GlaxoSmithKline receiving work-based learning through Project SEARCH. Watch this video to find out more about the benefits to both employers and the students.

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